2013/11/21 PointColor2.4

-Add effects

2013/10/21 MiniturePic1.2

- Change the size of the image

2013/09/17 MiniturePic1.1

-ios7 support

- Add effect (blur)

2013/07/08 ShadowCard1.5

-Added three frames.

2013/07/03 MiniaturePic Release

2013/03/30 ShadowCard1.4

-Added seven frames. 

2013/03/18 ShadowCard1.3

-Added four frames. 

2013/02/19 ShadowCard1.2

-Added six frames. 
-Changed icon.

2013/02/19 PointColor2.2 Update

- Add effects

2013/02/13 BubbleArt1.3 Update

- Brush size adjustment slider. 
- Change the background image. 
- Change the image of the pen tip.

2013/01/19 PointColor2.1 Update

- Zoom 
- Pan (drag with two fingers) 

2012/12/19 PointColor2.0 Update

- Add a color palette 
- Change Button Design

2012/12/13 BubbleArt ver1.2 Update

- Added three image-pen tip styles.
- Change background image of Garden-canvas.

2012/12/7 ShadowCard Release

2012/10/5 PointColor Release

2012/10/3 BubbleArt ver1.1 Update for iOS6

2012/7/20 BubbleArt Release

2012/6/21 ShowTimer! Release



"MiniaturePic" is an application for processing pictures into miniature style. 



ShadowCard is a free photo editing application for adding frames and other effects to your photos.



PointColor is a FREE photo editing application.

You easily give photos a dramatic look! 



ShowTimer! is a timer application designed to perform slideshow of your photos. You can transform your photos into an entertaining show with the animal animations.


Bubble Art is drawing applications.You can draw a picture with a funny brush in the water and of space and the flower garden.